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Generación X (Elfo)

Generación X (Elfo)

This particular branch (on a street with an excellent name for a geek shop) is smaller than most Generación X stores, but they’ve done a perfect job of packing a lot of stock in

The shelves of manga are stacked two deep, so they fit a pretty good selection in not much space.

There’s a reasonable comics selection on offer, a fairly decent tabletop games selection, some TCGs and accessories, plus a bit of merchandise.

One thing that stood out compared to other branches, other than the store being smaller but more densely packed, was that there were lots of boxes of Magic single cards behind the counter. So between here and Tempest Store it looks like the game is rather popular in this barrio.

All-in-all, small but perfectly formed, with a particular attraction for MTG players.

Official website: (for this store) or (in general).

Open: 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-20:30 Mon-Sat.

Nearest Metros: Quintana (line 5) or Pueblo Nuevo (lines 5 & 7). 

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