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Alcalá Cómics

Alcalá Cómics

Interestingly, Alcalá Cómics is not just a comic book store; it’s also a newsagent. As such, it opens a couple of hours earlier in the morning than any other store currently on this site. This also means that you can get your daily paper, or a range of magazines here, as well as geekery.

Apart from this, there’s a good selection of Funco Pop! figures, which seem to be everywhere in Madrid, and a reasonable number of drinking mugs sporting various logos and slogans.

There’s also a small selection of X-Wing miniatures near the entrance. Slightly further in, you’ll find a good range of issues as well as trades.

Towards the back of the store is the games area, with a reasonable number of board games on offer, and an RPG section that’s better than most places. There’s a small selection of Games Workshop minis too.

The games area also has a few tables, which on the Saturday we visited were occupied mostly by people playing the Final Fantasy TCG, though there was an X-Wing game also happening. There was also a sign for a Keyforge league, so it looks like there’s a variety of things played there.

There are a small t-shirt section and an excellent anime/manga merchandise section — also a pretty good manga selection.

By the counter, there’s a pretty decent TCG and accessories section, and I’d be amazed if Magic isn’t one of the games that see organised play here.

This is a good ‘general geek’ store with a lot packed in, and the organised gaming of a dedicated games store, so if you’re in Alcalá, it’s well worth a look.

Official website:

Open: 07:30-14:15 & 17:00-21:00 Mon-Fri,  08:00-14:00 & 17:30-21:00 Sat,  08:00-14:00 Sun.

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Bez is a lifelong geek, and the head-honcho at Games 4 Geeks. Since moving to Madrid in September 2018, he has been sniffing out the best geekery in Madrid, which he shares with you on Geek Madrid.

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