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Atlántica Juegos

Atlántica Juegos

Located just a couple of minutes walk from Callao Metro station, Atlántica is very definitely a miniatures shop at heart.

They have an excellent stock of historical minis in 15mm and 28mm, with a small selection in 54mm as well.

They also have a good selection of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures. Though as you might expect there’s almost as much Games Workshop as everything else. There’s a small selection of all the usual suspects, and the range of manufacturers on their website is quite comprehensive.

On top of this is an impressive variety of non-miniature wargames, so if you like ‘hex & chit’ strategy, this is one of the best (maybe even *the* best) stores in Madrid.

They have a few fantasy and sci-fi novels, not enough that I’d recommend coming here specifically for them, but there were some decent books so potentially worth browsing if you’re in there anyway.

The paint selection is pretty good, not quite as comprehensive as some stores specialising in wargames, but not notably lacking anything either.

The boardgames selection is pretty good too, not what a store specialising in them would have, but more than I’d expect in somewhere specialising in wargames.

I was also quite impressed with the roleplaying section, which not only was a decent size but had a bit more indie and ‘story-game’ systems than most stores I’ve been in here (and thus a few things I’d not seen elsewhere).

There was no play area in the store though, the tables present were all piled with stock both times I’ve visited. Presumably, these get cleared off when there’s a special event on but don’t expect to turn up ‘on spec’ and have somewhere to play.

Official website:

Open: 10:00-20:30 Mon-Sat.

Nearest Metros: Callo (lines 3 & 5) or Santo Domingo (line 2). 

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