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Atlantica 3.0

Atlantica 3.0

Do you like Funko Pop! figures?

If so, then you’ll love this store, as it’s got one of the best selections I’ve seen with literally hundreds of them (including some limited edition ones).

On top of this, they have many different statues, action figures and other memorabilia from all sorts of movies and TV shows.

There’s a large selection of Star Wars present, but Anime, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, Ash versus Evil Dead, Disney Princesses, and more are present. I’m loving the Golden Girls Funkos.

There were also a few books on offer, mostly picture-heavy movie tie-ins, plus a reasonable selection of manga. The manga was all discounted in more of a ‘stock clearance’ manner than a sale, so they might be moving out of selling that.

All-in-all, they have great merch, figures from ordinary to high-end stuff, and some reminders of classic movies.

Official website:


Open: 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-20:30 Mon-Sat.

Nearest Metros: Santo Domingo (line 2) and Callao (lines 3 & 5).

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