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Aprende Japonés Hoy

Aprende Japonés Hoy

I’ve called this shop ‘Aprend Japonés Hoy’, but it also goes by ‘Aprende Chino Hoy’ and ‘Aprende Coreano Hoy’. It’s the classic trio of Asian languages that many institutes seem to teach.

About half of the bookshop is dedicated to Japanese books, and the other half is split between Chinese and Korean.

For all three languages, there are books (both textbooks and literature) in the language in question, plus textbooks and other resources for learning the language.

There’s also a small amount of stationary and accessories that feature one of the three languages or are ‘kawaii’ in nature.

Something of particular interest is that these language books include both a wide selection for Spanish speakers to learn Japanese (or Chinese, or Korean) and a wide selection for English speakers to do the same. So, this is as useful a bookshop for native English speakers wanting to pick up another language as for native Spanish speakers.

Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering why a languages bookshop is here on Geek Madrid. The answer is that there’s a bookcase full of manga in the original Japanese.

Don’t expect anything particularly obscure, but there’s a bunch of popular titles like Death Note and Doraemon (the Spanish love Doraemon). I plumped for a copy of the first One Punch Man volume.

So, if you already know Japanese, this is one of the few places in Madrid where you can get manga in the original language. If not but you want to learn, then, as far as I know, it’s the best place in Madrid to pick up textbooks.


Open: 11:00-14:00 & 16:30-20:00 Mon-Fri.

Nearest Metro: Duque de Pastrana (line 9),  Plaza de Castilla (lines 1, 9 & 10),  Madrid Chamartín (line s 1 & 10).

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