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Generación X (Imperial) is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from a branch of Generación X: it’s a bit of everything, without expressly specialising in anything.

As is the norm for the chain, the roleplaying section is better than most games stores, but still not what I would call a great selection. The FLGS I frequented back in Sheffield had a much more extensive variety than most UK stores though, so maybe my standards for this are high.

Aside from RPGs, there’s the usual good range of tabletop games, trading card games and accessories, comics, manga, etc. It’s a great little ‘general nerd’ store that covers most bases.

So, as with the rest of the chain, there’s not much to fault it on, except that there’s little reason why you should go out of your way to come here instead of somewhere else.


Official website: (for this store) or (in general).

Open: 11:00-14:00 & 16:30-20:30 Tues-Sat, 11:00-14:00 Sun.

Nearest Metros: Puerta de Toledo (line 5) or Pirámides (line 5). 

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Bez is a lifelong geek, and the head-honcho at Games 4 Geeks. Since moving to Madrid in September 2018, he has been sniffing out the best geekery in Madrid, which he shares with you on Geek Madrid.

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