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Generación X (Carranza)

Generación X (Carranza)

This particular location of Generación X carries on the tradition of ‘general nerdery’ that the chain epitomises.

As such, it’s not quite a comic book store, not quite a games store, but it’s a bit of both and doesn’t specialise in any one thing.

I’d say that the Carranza store has a good range of tabletop games, with a mix of full-on gamer and gateway/party games, plus everything in between.

The jewel in the games section is the RPG section which, while not as good as some places I’ve been to in the UK, is probably the best I’ve seen in Madrid.

I’d say there’s probably more accessories (card sleeves, deck boxes, etc.) than most Gen X stores, too.

As far as the comics selection goes, I’d say it skews a little heavier towards manga than most branches of this chain. Not enough to put it up there with Otaku Center or Wonderland Comics, but still sufficient to give a good selection of titles.

The flip-side of this is that it’s not as good for other comics as most branches. Again though, there’s still a reasonable selection so while it’s not a huge variety, there should be something for most people.

Official website: (for this store) or (in general).

Open: 10:30-21:00 Mon-Fri  & 11:00-21:00 Sat.

Nearest Metros: San Bernado (lines 2 & 4) or Bilbao (lines 1 & 4). 

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