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Otaku Center

Otaku Center

Eight gashapon machines greet you on your way into Otaku Center. If you know what those are, then this may well be the store for you.

The first thing that leapt out at me (other than how the store is more extensive than I was expecting) is that this is the biggest selection of manga and light novels (translated into Spanish) that I’ve seen in Madrid. Probably more than twice the size of any other store’s selection.

Add to that a great choice of figures, gashapon toys, Gundam model kits, and the like, plus a small section of anime DVDs, and you genuinely do have a centre for the city’s otaku.

There were even a few Japanese card games like Tanto Cuore.

Only a couple of shelves of western comics are present, but then they’re not why you’d come here. Likewise, there’s a certain amount of superhero and Star Wars merchandise and a whole Harry Potter corner, but you’re here for the anime and manga.

If you are into manga and can read Spanish, I can’t over-stress how much you need to take a look.


Open: 11:00-14:30 & 16:30-21:00 Mon-Sat.

Nearest Metros: Santo Domingo (line 2), Callo (lines 3 & 5), Plaza de España (lines 3 & 10).

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Bez is a lifelong geek, and the head-honcho at Games 4 Geeks. Since moving to Madrid in September 2018, he has been sniffing out the best geekery in Madrid, which he shares with you on Geek Madrid.

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