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Yan Ken Pon (Lavapiés)

Yan Ken Pon (Lavapiés)

Yan Ken Pon is an odd thing to try and categorise; it’s a market stall, a sushi bar, and a book store. However, if you’re any sort of Japanophile, it’s also a must visit.

I first encountered it during the Tapapiés festival, the month after we moved to Madrid. This is an annual week where dozens of places around Lavapiés offer a tapas dish (and a beer) for a special price, to get people trying different places.

So, on our second day of doing the rounds, we headed into Mercado de San Fernando to check out the offerings in there.

What we found was not only a delicious sushi tapa, but also a store with around sixty or so books on Japanese culture, but (most interesting to me) a couple of dozen volumes of manga in the original Japanese.

Now, there are plenty of places in Madrid to get manga, but there’s not many that have it in Japanese.

Having come back a couple of months later, it looks like several of the books were different from our first visit, so it seems like there is a turnover of stock.

Since the first visit I’ve also discovered that as well as the market location in Lavapiés, they also have a shop in La Latina, so expect that to be covered soon. 


Open: 12:00-21:00 Tues-Thurs, 12:00-23:00 Fri-Sat & 12:00-17:00 Sun.

Nearest Metro: Lavapiés (line 3).

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